Stas Boukarev polished up Juho Snellman's slime patch which nicely integrates SBCL's statistical profiler into Slime, turned it into a proper contrib (slime-sprof) and committed it to CVS. The patch dates back as far as 2005, with an update in 2006, and I'm glad that it eventually turned up into Slime itself.

Here's the link to the documentation explaining how to use it.

Thanks Juho and Stas!

  • Up-to-date screenshot by Stas:

  • Earlier screenshot by Juho:


SLIME tidbits (2009-09-20)

Today I'll write about a very recent new addition: slime-edit-uses bound to the keys M-? and M-_.

It is the logical counterpart to slime-edit-definition (M-.) .

Basically, it's nothing more than a wrapper around the already existing Xref commands (slime-who-calls, etc.) but it's a pleasure to use because a) it's just one key binding which does all instead of a multitude of different special-purpose bindings, and b) it's an easy binding (M-? vs. C-c C-w KEY) and obvious as well (right next to M-. its counterpart.)

What does it do? Well see for yourself:

  • on functions, it'll show a list of all call sites.
  • on macros, it'll show a list of the sites the macro is expanded.
  • on special variables, it'll list all the places the variable is set, bound, or referenced.
  • on classes, it'll show a list of methods that specialize on that class. (no screenshot)
Of course, the usual disclaimer applies: The quality of this feature highly depends on how much Xref information your implementation is able to store.

Now, for me this begets the following question: How easy would it be to make SBCL collect Xref data during the build of itself?


WANTED: trivial without-package-locks

Has anyone written a trivial wrapper definition for WITHOUT-PACKAGE-LOCKS ?

"Trivial" as in trivial-utf8, trivial-backtrace, trivial-garbage, trivial-shell, trivial-timeout, et cetera perge perge.