Slime Talk 2008

Last Wednesday, I gave a talk to the Munich Lisp Group about SLIME, the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs. An perfect opportunity for opening my blog!

The presentation can be found at

It was an honor to see that so many people (about 25), partly from very far abroad!, showed up to see myself talk about the stuff I hacked over the past two years. The age distribution was also very diverse, from early twenties to mid forties, I guess. I was especially pleased to notice that the average age drifted more towards the younger end than to the older one.

The background of all the people was also very diverse, and very fascinating. As the resonance of the talk has been very positive (thanks all!), it was decided to regularly uphold such meetings in the future. If you're close to Munich, go, and subscribe to the mailinglist!