About this blog

The purpose of my blog is to share the knowledge I have acquired over the last 4 years I've been learning Common Lisp. Even after (almost) 4 years, I wouldn't dare to assert to know the language in its entirety; there are still major areas I'm only superficially familiar with.

My rationale behind this endeavor is two-fold.
  • On one hand, I want to offer a ressource for people that already have experience with Common Lisp to gain even more thorough understanding of the language---so they can ascent to the next level so to speak.
  • On the other hand, I want to preserve information for myself. The human mind is generally not capable of keeping too many details for a long period of time around. Hence, I'd like to use this blog as a swapping device for stuff I once spent time on.

I'll start with a series about writing macros correctly---correctly as in consistently to how the macros in the Common Lisp standard behave. There are lot more issues involved in writing correct macros than the widely known problems of unwanted variable capture, and multiple evaluation.

I'm looking forward to comments about the upcomming postings, and to suggestions for things to write about. You can always reach me via e-mail (trittweiler, common-lisp, net.)


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