SLIME tidbits (2009-05-14)

First a small addendum: In my previous blog entry I demonstrated the improved font-lock magic in Slime to shadow forms suppressed by reader conditionals. Anyone who succumbed to the temptation and updated their Slime checkout, should really update to today's HEAD. There has been a couple of issues which have been fixed meanwhile.

In this blog posting I'll demonstrate my work on Slime's inspector for STANDARD-OBJECTs. Previously it looked like this:

I always found the [set value] and [make unbound]buttons after each slot entry pretty distracting, if not to say annoying. So I spent some time to replace them with a checklist as follows:

Quite cool that you can do this with Slime's inspector! Notice that I did not have to touch a single Elisp code line for all this.

You may have noticed the new [group slots by inheritance] button: by default the slots are sorted alphabetically by their name. After pressing this button, however, the slots will be grouped according to the class they were inherited from. Or in CLOS terminology: according to the class they're direct slots of.


Piotr said...

That is a really nice change. The buttons were really distracting.

Thanks tcr!

Cheers Esden

Rupert said...

Wow! Much prettier - thanks! But can you explain what security threat slime-enable-evaluate-in-emacs guards against? (This is the first time I've bumped into it).

trittweiler said...

Setting a slot is currently implemented by sending an elisp expression to the Emacs frontend to ask the user for a new value. By default, EVAL-IN-EMACS is deactivated because otherwise it'd mean that a possibly remote SWANK server could run arbitrary code on your local Emacs instance.

Using EVAL-IN-EMACS in that case was just a quick kludge, I'll implement it properly later today.

Daniel said...

This is great -- thanks! I never realized how ugly the old inspector was until trying your improved version.

milaz said...

It would be very nice if you add some simple key binding which lets user immediately edit the slot corresponding to the line the cursor is in. As a user, and I think I am very much like many others, most of the time I edit just one slot. Only then I look at the next, decide whether I should edit it, and what value to bind it to. It is very uncomfortable to mark it first, then move to the bottom of the list, push "Set value" and only then enter a new value, or values, which I must stack in my memory first. There should be easier way, like one-key combination.

Also your solution needs some key to unmark all marked slots.

Thanks for your great work!

trittweiler said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I think they're valuable. Could you please report these to the mailing list slime-devel at common-list dot net? Lest they will be forgotten...

Rupert said...

Cool that makes lots of sense. Thanks.

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