Slime tidbits (2010-03-05)

In December 2009, Stas Boukarev and myself added some really cool stuff to the slime-asdf contrib, and while I've always wanted to blog about it, I just haven't come around doing so.
  • M-x slime-load-system (,load-system): Compile and load an ASDF system; that command currently hooks into the Slime compilation-notes machinery, so compilation notes, warnings, etc. will be collected and will end up in the *SLIME Compilation* buffer. This command has always been there, I just mention it for sake of completeness.
  • M-x slime-open-system (,open-system): Open all the files specified in the system.
  • M-x slime-isearch-system and M-x slime-rgrep-system: Run the command isearch and rgrep respectively on all the files specified in a system. That is particularly useful if slime-edit-definitions (M-.) and slime-edit-uses (M-?) won't do.

    In case of slime-rgrep-system, the commands next-error and previous-error will jump through the matches in the *grep* buffer. I bound those commands to F11 and F12, though by default they're also bound to M-g p and M-g n (also C-x `).
  • M-x slime-query-replace-system: Poor man's refactoring tool; run query-replace on all the specified files in a system. See this animated screenshot for an exemplary run. (Animated gif was generated on behalf of Zach Beane's Skippy library!)
  • M-x slime-query-replace-system-and-dependents: Like the former function, but also run query-replace on all the files of all systems depending on the user-queried system.
The latter two functions are really useful if you're past the initial state of something -- your system already grew to multiple files -- but still away from finishing and so you often want to rename identifier and slightly change APIs.


s7ang3r said...

Who is Mr. Boukarev ?

Anton Vodonosov said...

> See this animated
> screenshot for an
> exemplary run.

You have quite cool color scheme. Could you share it?

trittweiler said...

I'm using color-theme-hober2 from Edward O'Connor.

Tamas K Papp said...

The query-replaces commands are very handy. I didn't know about the *SLIME Compilation* buffer either.

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