Looking for a Lisp project?

You're an intermediate to the Common Lisp language and are desperately looking for a practical project to try your Lisp skills at? You're longing for fame and glory?

If that's the case, I have something for you:
  1. write a library to access the Web API provided by launchpad,
  2. afterwards, using that library, make it possible to conveniently add and update tickets in a (not yet existing) bug tracker for clbuild. The tickets are supposed to add/update repository urls.
Sounds interesting? If so, drop me a mail.


inforichland said...

I would definitely be interested in this. I've been trying to find a nice project to sink my teeth into. I looked into it a little bit, and there is a nice CL-JSON library available which would definitely aid in something like this.

Deepak Surti said...

I would be interested in writing this library.

Watt said...

I would be interested as well. I have tinkled with cl-couch which uses drakma.

Jonathon McKitrick said...

I've been working with REST, drakma, and hunchentoot pretty extensively. This would be an interesting project.