SLIME tidbits (2009-10-24)

  • To quickly find out the "revision" of your slime checkout, you can now use M-x slime-changelog-date.
  • Sometimes, e.g. due to character encoding confusion, the Emacs side of Slime can be brought to a dysfunctional state. M-x slime-reset will hopefully get you back to business.
  • Restarts as shown in the Slime Debugger are now numbered reversely. The advantage is that often-existing restarts will now very likely get associated with the same number as you can see on the screenshot below. (Remember that the numeric keys are mapped to invoke the corresponding restarts.) This may mean that you have to invalidate some of your muscle memory -- notice that often-needed restarts do come with a static, symbolic mapping, i.e. q to abort to toplevel, a to invoke the most recently established abort restart, and c to invoke a continue restart.

  • Commands which open an Xref buffer (in particular M-?) do not select that buffer anymore. Instead, you're now supposed to use the commands C-M-. and C-M-, to cycle through the entries in the Xref buffer from within your source buffer. That's more ergonomic from my experience. The intended key sequence is: M-? C-M-. C-x 1 frob C-M-. C-x 1 frob etc.

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